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Ghary Bowlin:  Born and raised in the South Chicago suburbs in the mid-1960's, Bowlin became fascinated with photography at the age of four. It was then he discovered that the device being pointed at him, sometimes even blinding him with its bright flash, was a tool to capture time. And it was then that his lifelong journey with photography began.


A gifted and sensitive child with a powerful desire to create, as he matured into adulthood his curious nature led to travels and social studies.  His camera went with him nearly everywhere he went.  This same curiosity also led him to study physical and metaphysical energies. This knowledge allowed him to connect at a deeper level, with a greater understanding of the inherent energy in everything, finely tuning his creative eye and his spiritual foundation.


Fast forward years later after a successful career in commercial art, graphic design and marketing. Bowlin found his camera and computer had merged and he began to concentrate once again on the photography, his first passion.  His premiere collections, Psycho Tropical, Smooth Skin and Tin Roof, debuted in the Miami showroom of celebrated designer Holly Hunt during Art Basel 2006 and 2007. With its organic vibrancy and contemporary sophistication, his work quickly became a favorite among both private collectors and the interior design industry. Designers have been especially enamored with the modular and sizable nature of his work. Now, Ghary's private and public installations range from Rockefeller Center in New York City, to Atlantis The Palms Dubai, and clients homes spanning the globe.


With the release of PRISMA, Ghary captivated us with a stunning collection of visually arresting imagery. Sparkling and alive with energy—and beautifully saturated with color, nearly to the point that the viewer can feel them moving and breathing—the images are equally as sophisticated and contemporary as those from his first collections, but yet beyond.


Now with every new body of work, he touches a broader more abstract depth within himself and reveals a more confident expression as a fine artist.  A depth that is proving to be the trajectory of his evolution as a creative wizard.


“Beauty has the power to elevate us in spirit. Its inspiration empowers us. My art is that very inspiration channeled into the reinterpretation of that beauty.”

"Only perfect in God's eyes

and never mine..."

Maybe they never had their arms around

something so wild and free...

Intelligent and gifted it seems

Odds believer, divine achiever...

Hidden in the layers of seeming failure

comes the spark

An intense wave of spirit totally aligned

Only perfect in God's eyes and never mine

I strive   I sometimes falter

Though when I land, the pieces come together

As my darkness surrenders to something greater

Inner peace then comes like gentle rain

And I see through myself... to you

As your arms surround me


                             - Ghary

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