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Atlantis ~ The Palms • DUBAI

Bellagio • LAS VEGAS

Rockefeller Center • NYC

Little Nell • ASPEN

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Current Showrooms:

Judith Norman • DCOTA



One-of-a-Kind Art

One-of-a-Kind artworks are on stunning Metallic Photo Paper and signed by the artist.

This is his preferred medium reserved for his chosen finest art.

Since 2015, Collectible work is also created using our masterful aluminum processes by request.


Fine Artwork on Aluminum

We specialize and have helped develop this recent creative medium.  We offer sizable, modular and sculptural artworks, all custom ordered and unique. Each artwork is carefully handcrafted on 100% recyclable aluminum, 1.2mm in thickness standard.

We offer only Top-Quality, not the flimsy/substandard art like you will see available elsewhere.


Aluminum doesn't rust, and our processes allow for the most amazing aspect of this medium:

Weatherproof* - For Interiors and Exterior Spaces.

Outdoor art on balconies, verandas, or in kitchens, bathrooms and steam-rooms are no problem.  Create freely in areas that were limited before, humid, hot, cold, moist spaces.  Questions, please inquire.


Using a natural dye-infused high-heat process, the vivid artwork is enameled onto the aluminum.  High gloss, matte and other surfacing allows many creative options.  The metal art is completely Eco-Friendly, using vegetable inks and no VOC’s. They are also fully recyclable if ever need be.


Size of Artworks

Ghary's Art is all custom made, so sizing can be up to the client or collector.  There are limitations, which can be discussed.   Custom Commissioned Artworks can also be requested of the Artist.


* Weatherproof exception is long or continuous exposure to high UV light.  Direct sunlight is not recommended.

Fine Art Photography and Mixed Media • Design • Consulting

Specializing in Enameled Aluminum Metal Fine Art that is Sizable, Modular and Weatherproof.

For Interiors and Exterior Spaces.

Featuring Original Artworks and Limited Editions on Metallic Photo Paper and other mediums.

Work Directly with the Artist on All Projects.


PRISMA Collection Note:

With the PRISMA Images, if you want to stay within a color scheme, 3 of the most prominent color groups are subdivided to make it easier.


How to Design with the TILEZ & ORBZ:


To design a work of art from the 180 TILEZ, where it will feel and look right, so the energies will flow, think of the following 3 variables:

Color/Hue, Fractures/Movement, and Brightness.


If you can match 2 of the above attributes between each piece,

The artwork will come alive.  If you match all 3, it’s seamless.

The spacing distance between the Aluminum, can influence the strength of the work as a whole.  The shadow can be nearly as important as the art itself.  The Aluminum Artworks are structural, and the third dimension is something to pay attention to as you design in relation to a space.


Unique installations are encouraged.  This collection is made to be a paintbrush for creative individuals.  Don’t limit yourself...

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